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Onboarding to a defensive workflow

The minimum elements of a defensive workflow and links to learn more.

Workflow to release an R package to CRAN

A guide for users of both the GitHub worflow and Gitflow workflow.

r2dii.plot 0.2.0 is now on CRAN

New styling functions, arguments, and helpers.

r2dii.data 0.2.0 is now on CRAN

Signifcant changes to `ald_demo`

The ds-incubator: Reflecting on 2020 to plan 2021

Responding to a group retrospective

r2dii.data 0.1.6, r2dii.match 0.0.7 and r2dii.analysis 0.1.3 are now on CRAN

Squashing bugs before the holidays.

r2dii.analysis 0.1.0 is now on CRAN

This release includes a significant rework of the `target_sda()` function, and several bugfixes.

r2dii.data 0.1.2 and r2dii.match 0.0.4 are now on CRAN

Less bugs and more features

Using `match_name()` with large loanbooks

How to resolve memory issues

Publish your post here

Details on what and how to submit a new blog post

PACTA_analysis - New config file: project_settings

This post outlines the changes of the workflow in the PACTA_analysis repository. Everyone who works with this repository is encouraged to read this.

GitHub flow

Submit pull requests from any branch -- except master

When Scenarios and Reality Diverge

A deep dive into IEA scenarios.

Improving r2dii.match

How to work with big data, and benchmarks of a more efficient version of `match_name()`

Installing R packages when you are offline

Some options and hacks

r2dii suite is now on CRAN

R packages to implement the core functionality of the Paris Agreement Capital Transition Assessment (PACTA)

r2dii.analysis 0.0.1 is now on CRAN

Tools to calculate climate targets for financial portfolios

How to raise an issue

Help us help you

Onboarding to GitHub and RStudio

Tools and practices to hit the ground running

r2dii.analysis: Release candidate

Help us get to the first release

What technical skills matter?

Find or become a T-shaped developer with the 20% you need 80% of the time

r2dii.match 0.0.2 is now on CRAN

It's compatible with R back to 3.4, and dplyr 0.8.5; but update ASAP!

r2dii.data 0.1.0 is now on CRAN

This release includes new and improved datasets.

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