PACTA_analysis - New config file: project_settings

This post outlines the changes of the workflow in the PACTA_analysis repository. Everyone who works with this repository is encouraged to read this.

Jacob Kastl

Target Audience

Everyone who uses the PACTA_analysis script for their projects.

What changed

The workflow for initializing a project has changed. A new required config file must be used and was added to the repo.


Project wide settings should be set in the file “project_settings.yml”, prior to project initialization:

    project_name: name_of_the_project_folder

      twodii_internal: FALSE

    project_location_ext: ~/path/to/project

    data_location_ext: ~/path/to/data

If you have any other questions regarding how this affects your workflow, please consult the README.Rmd file in the PACTA_analysis portfolio or contact me (Jacob), Jackson or Clare.


For attribution, please cite this work as

Kastl (2020, July 27). Data science at 2DII: PACTA_analysis - New config file: project_settings. Retrieved from

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