r2dii.analysis: Release candidate

Help us get to the first release

Mauro Lepore https://github.com/maurolepore

r2dii.analysis approaches its first release but first we’d love you to try it out and give us some feedback. Please report bugs, and incorrect or unclear documentation; you may also suggest changes to the interfaces, such as a better name for a function, or argument.

Install the development version of r2dii.analysis from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")

Then load it with:


The best place to start your review is its website. Start reviewing the home page, then each item under Reference, and finally each of the two article (1, 2). At every stage ask yourself three questions:

You may leave a quick comment at the end of this post, or a longer comment as a GitHub issue.

Thank you!


For attribution, please cite this work as

Lepore (2020, June 15). Data science at 2DII: r2dii.analysis: Release candidate. Retrieved from https://2degreesinvesting.github.io/posts/2020-06-11-r2dii-analysis-release-candidate/

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