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Details on what and how to submit a new blog post

Mauro Lepore

The first post on this blog encouraged you to submit your own posts; but the advice was vague about what to submit or how. This post makes the advice concrete.

What to submit

Each published article needs only two things:

And it is nice to have a few optional things:

Most of this is just plain text, which is easy to submit for publication in a number of ways.

How to submit

The priority is to publish your content; how you do it is unimportant – you may submit it however you like. For example, here are some ways:

GitHub will automatically fork the blog’s repo into your user account and guide you to create a pull request.

distill::create_post() gives you a template you can then modify. For consistency across posts, we recommend you change the template’s yaml header and setup chunk to follow this examples:

title: "Publish your post here"
description: |
  Details on what and how to submit a new blog post
  - name: Mauro Lepore
date: 07-28-2020
  toc: true
  self_contained: true
  - meta
  - ds-incubator
preview: preview.jpg
  site: "@mauro_lepore"
  creator: "@mauro_lepore"

  collapse = TRUE,
  comment = "#>"

As far as the world can tell, your work or ideas do not exist unless they are published somewhere. Get stuff out. The technical details don’t matter (we’ll help you with that); what matters is your idea – share it early, share it often.


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