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This dataset serves as a translation key between common sector-classification systems and sectors relevant to the 'PACTA' tool (




An object of class tbl_df (inherits from tbl, data.frame) with 1271 rows and 5 columns.


  • borderline (logical): Flag indicating if 2dii sector and classification code are a borderline match. The value TRUE indicates that the match is uncertain between the 2dii sector and the classification. The value FALSE indicates that the match is certainly perfect or the classification is certainly out of 2dii's scope..

  • code (character): Formatted psic_classification code.

  • code_level (double): Level of granularity of psic_classification code.

  • original_code (character): Original psic_classification sector name.

  • sector (character): Associated 2dii sector.


Classification datasets help to standardize sector classification codes from the wild to a relevant subset including 'power', 'oil and gas', 'coal', 'automotive', 'aviation', 'concrete', 'steel', and 'shipping'.


#> # A tibble: 6 × 5
#>   original_code                               code_level code  sector borderline
#>   <chr>                                            <dbl> <chr> <chr>  <lgl>     
#> 1 Growing of leguminous crops such as: mongo…          5 1111  not i… FALSE     
#> 2 Growing of ground nuts                               5 1112  not i… FALSE     
#> 3 Growing of oil seeds (except ground nuts) …          5 1113  not i… FALSE     
#> 4 Growing of  sorghum, wheat                           5 1114  not i… FALSE     
#> 5 Growing of other cereals (except rice and …          5 1119  not i… FALSE     
#> 6 Growing of paddy rice, lowland, irrigated            5 1121  not i… FALSE